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Makimo polishes every project to make it a masterpiece and a showcase of passion they put into it. We have worked together on numerous projects and each of them ended up a bit different that was originally planned… better.

Daniel Rogiński
Nutricia, e-commerce head

many have trusted us

and they spread the word


We help the leader of the market in nutrition for children and babies, owner of Bobovita, Bebiko and Bebilon brands, reach new consumer groups.


In co-operation with XTB we deliver Forex market solutions for customers from all around* the world.

* really all around


We give a helping hand in development and everyday operations of the most dynamically growing wine portal in Poland.

We'll take care of you with the same passion, whether you're a big international company or a local business.

Mission: Problem solving*





* ...that's what drives us everyday

Why us?

the straight truth, no bullshit

We value your time
... we love getting the most out all our meetings and make sure they are indeed necessary.
We always tell you the truth
... if completing the task in time is not possible, or some features are not financially feasible.
No promises made lightly
..., we engage only in projects and deadlines we can meet. We never sell products nor projects that either do not exist at all, or are impossible to deliver on time.
In budget and on time
... – we estimate time and budget realistically, with no hidden costs or stretching projects in time with no reason.

I'm not just a cog in the machine

I enjoy shaping the projects I'm involved with and seeing the end results deployed in real life.

Marcin Struś, lead developer

We customize

we've tailored many projects for our customers


Order and manufacturing management for Empresse, an artistic printing house


Printed catalogue for Swiss watches manufacturer Jacques du Manoir for Baselworld trade show


Technology consulting for Forex market company GuardMark Capital.

Web & Mobile

Responsive, mobile-friendly website with scientific papers database for Technical University of Łódź's Institute of Physics

R&D and hardware

Activity monitoring device with dedicated software


E-learning courses and knowledge exams for software engineers for DevCastZone

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